180 / totes meer #85

  1. Dear Olv/Олв-Liebschen,

    I thought we had agreed Фигня or дерьмо?
    Next day I got the advise you should use говно.

    Unfortumately I didn’t find translaten for бдядь, so please teach me! make my knowing! let’s start a reasoning (while listening

    Googling did’t help to light my candle:

    So I’m damned & will never get in the joke? What’s about the damned towels?

    in love, yours tt

  2. o says:

    dear Торстен,
    i just didn´t briefed you properly on my negotiations with a third party. i opted for their бдядь suggestion because they promised me that it´s rude; although it only means “whore”. and it´s in no way connected to the towels.

    there´s nothing about the towels, it would be civil not to steal them, for a change, if you happen to be satisfied with the hotel. but you can´t if you end up in a country where they have no idea how cold 0° actually is. so they label their ac´s according to, er, to whatever they think. and if you try the ac, you end up being disappointed, and of course, steal the towels.

    without the links your comment would have appeared without awaiting my moderation.


  3. Таня says:

    Dear Торстен,
    Perhaps you didn’t find the word because it was misspelled.
    It should be блядь, and not бдядь.
    Good luck :^)

  4. Привет Таня!
    I assume you are the 3rd party? It’s a pitty Олф has no доверие to me! Do you think my ери Слова are so wrong?
    Unfortunately I didn’t find the word in correct spelling in the dictonary, I assume it is tooooo rude ;-)

    Hey Olv,
    as you know I’m not only civilized — I’m high educted — I’m use to polite manners (Duuu, Duuu weißt doch jede Gemeinschaft braucht Regeln), therefore the idea to thief towels, would never ever had any chance in my brain.

    Ну вот зто всё на сегодня!